There are some fun facts that we can take a look at throughout the history of the country and its biggest city. Here are some curiosities about such a cultural center that Toronto is.

Taking a look at the History of the country there’s a question that comes to mind. Toronto is Canada’s biggest city and as a financial center it reached the world’s top 10 last year. Specialists say, until 2036 there will be 9 million people living in Toronto. It is an area where the industry is constantly growing. Some may ask why Ottawa the capital. It was in 1852 the queen’s decision, mostly because of its location in respect of its neighbour cities.

The Capital

How is it even decided which city should be the capital of a country anyway? At the time, in case of Canada, several cities were ‘competing’ to be the capital, but because of its location in the middle of other cities who applied to be the capital, such as Toronto and Montreal, Ottawa was chosen by Queen Victoria to be the one and it is until today. Also because at the time Quebec was considered the center of the country, due to the distance from the U.S. borders, and it was equally in a good distance from these northern cities.

Toronto’s urban center is known to have more than 10 million trees, which is a good sign of ecological responsibility by its population and new companies that are trying to find ideas to not cause any more harm to the environment. It seems to be a wave of this new generation of enterprises. Young contractors are in front of these business concepts. In a big population new needs are always becoming possible investments. The industry has to adapt to keep being needed. Companies that provide a competent delivery system are one of the most growing businesses around. Not only in Canada, but in the American continent in its totality. 

Moving Companies

Local packing services are responsible for a good part of daily operations in the GTA, and is the most organized and innovative districts of the Canadian region. Speaking about a radius of a hundred and sixty kilometers of area, the region held, till last year’s census, twenty-five percent of Canada’s demographic density. People are moving in and out its borders almost every day. That makes packing and moving companies a constant search by its citizens on a daily basis. The expectations about it are higher every day. Some of them are evaluating the market changes to offer new services, such as adaptions for small or big moves and near or short or long-distances, and applying this expansion to the delivery industry itself. Everybody leaves less and less of their houses. It has become part of people’s consciousness.

Toronto: The largest financial center

According to the Financial Centres Index, Toronto has overcome Chicago and Boston in 2019 as the largest north American financial center. By the way, because of the territory, the population will overcome New York’s in the next decade.  That makes it a place where you can find different cultures and religions. A place where people’s habits are constantly changing and their needs are evolving in a cycle. It is Canada’s sport’s centre as well, having teams playing in seven of the major most important leagues. Due to these facts, Toronto is attracting tourists all the time. More than eleven million per year. So, if after your visit you decide to move up here, don’t forget to search and contact the best-reviewed local moving companies.

By Luiz Araujo


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