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Winter in Canada: where to go?

Canada’s winter is harsh and the incidence of snow in many regions is high. While for Canadians this can be a nuisance during this time of year, for tourists, it is an additional reason to visit the country. Cities are prepared for low temperatures. Indoor environments are heated, which includes public transport and commerce. The […]

Four restaurants to eat well in the city

Toronto has numerous restaurants that portray the diversity of a region whose half of the workers are immigrants. Moreover, this alone is enough to make its cuisine one of the main experiences in Canada’s most populous city. Toronto cuisine brings together the best of a Canadian tradition, mixed with international cuisine, especially French, Italian, Mediterranean […]

06 attractions you should know in Toronto

Toronto is full of sights! This vibrant and lively city has great attractions that will make you fall in love with it! Aquariums, towers, tree climbing, theaters, gastronomy, sports… Toronto’s tourist attractions are diverse and very well explored. Get to know just a few of them that we list here for you to know the […]