Currently, one of the biggest preoccupations on everyone’s minds is the possibility of getting infected or infecting the closest members of your family. With that in mind, we gathered the most important tips for you to follow and achieve a clean and sanitized place.

When we are facing, as a society, such difficult scenery, it is normal to care about things you didn’t before. Sometimes it is even necessary, as it is to clean and sanitize facilities when there is a pandemic outside consuming the world. The COVID-19 is a menace that has started last December, and it is affecting the majority of the world’s health systems. Almost half a million people already deceased and there are over 6 million cases throughout the world. Having these facts in mind, many people decided to improve their skills when it becomes to disinfecting and sanitizing facilities. When municipalities are saying that what you should do is ‘stay at home’, many people who didn’t use to do their cleaning chores started to buzz their minds to know a bit more about what they can do to reach a healthier place to live in. Here are some tips you should take as rules to live by now:


This may seem obvious, but many people don’t know how to wash their hands properly. Did you know that you are supposed to sing in your mind the entire song ‘happy birthday’ twice, to get rid of any harmful substances? At least, that is what specialists say these days. The best way to kill the virus when it is located upon a surface is with the use of soap. The membrane of the virus is formed by a series of lipids and proteins that, when in contact with soap, dissolves, leaving the genetic material of the virus, free. It can’t survive the molecules of the soap, so count on the product when washing your hands and make sure to rub all your fingers.


Many people think the use of protective masks is becoming an obligation in most countries, because it prevents you from getting infected, but the truth is that it only prevents you from infecting other people. So this is something to think about. A mask can only hold, before being disinfected again, for two hours non-stop, which is not a lot if you think about it. After that, either you’ll have to change it for another one or put it in a 70% alcohol solution to keep it sanitized. The responsibility nowadays, is not only upon companies of the field but upon every citizen as well. Everybody has to do their best to prevent the other from being exposed to an infection these days.


When it is about proper cleaning and sanitizing, it is probably better to count on professional help than trying to do everything by yourself. Cleaning and sanitizing companies are having a big demand these last few months and, to provide every client’s needs, they are improving their abilities to operate following governments’ newest measures. The quarantine is starting to come to its third phase, so if you want to avoid getting you and your family infected and you need proper disinfecting at your facility, look online for the best-referred moving companies, that are now providing not only moving and storage but also cleaning and disinfecting services. If it is residential or commercial, get in contact with the best movers in Toronto to know more about their work.

By Luiz Araujo                                                 

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