The second-largest country in the world has teams on seven of the major international leagues, so it is a sports potency such as an economic one. We gathered some information about the most popular sports in the true north, one of Canada’s nicknames.

Over time there have been discussions about which is Canada’s true most popular sport, due to the popularity of several and different activities. The variety of competitions attracts millions of viewers from all over the world and it is also the main reason why tourists want to visit the country. Their athletes have won more than 500 medals in the Olympics throughout history, considering gold, silver, and bronze ones. That is one of the many ways their citizens show their interests. The country has a world-recognized public health system and it reflects on the habits of its population. Having a great variety of popular activities has made some specific sports to get more popular. Here are some facts about Canada’s most-successful competitions. Their Major teams became huge enterprises and they are growing as local companies.


Probably because Canada’s weather is mostly cold due to the long fall and winter, these sports got more popularity between the citizens. Hockey is the most important game in the winter season since the 19th century. Their minor league’s championships are popular and the Stanley Cup is one the most viewed shows in North-America during its season. Its finals have an average of twenty million spectators. Their national team also competed and won several medals on the Olympics. Curling has a fewer audience, but it is very traditional in the country, especially in provinces like Alberta and Manitoba. It was by military folks that came to the country from Scotland in the 18th century. It is also played over an Ice stadium and it is more popular during the Winter Games. 


Since the 19th-century Baseball founding in the country and it is, until today, one of its most popular sports. Their Major Team, the Toronto Blue Jays, creation in 1977. It had disappeared from the country for a few decades but began to get spectators again since the 90s when they entered the national league. Baseball is popular due to this healthy competition between Canadians and U.S. Citizens. The Baseball season gathers over ten million people to watch every game in the country. Almost 500 hundred baseball teams are playing in Canada. The Major Expos, their first major league team, moved to Washington in the early 2000s.


Some might say this sport has some Canadian roots because in 1891 Jaimes Naismith founded what is recognized nowadays as modern basketball. It is a major sport especially in Ontario, province that is home to the Toronto Raptors, the first Canadian team to win the NBA’S finals. There are currently 30 teams playing in their National League. As a formal sport in the country in the 40s but regain popularity in the final of the 90s since two Canadian teams began to get more and more wins. The Raptors, as said, and the Vancouver Grizzlies.

Those major sports have been one of the reasons Canada’s having a rising number of visitors and people that want to live there.  If you want to know about service-packs and prices, some of the local moving companies are easily found on the list of the best-reviewed enterprises of the provinces. They are recognized for providing all the service since the packing until its final transportation.

  By Luiz Araujo

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