As the world noticed we were destroying our habitat, governments and companies started to prioritize their investments in ideas that involved ecological thinking and clean energy start-ups.

Over the last few decades, mostly after World War II, as the industry has risen contaminating every city that had pure air. Some visionaries interested themselves in the search for clean energy. Wanting to act sustainably in this environment already doomed. The electric car was once a joke, such as cars in general. They thought that the models could never run as much as the ones powered with gas and that it would never catch.

The beginning

An old farmer said to his kid he wanted to build a vehicle with the power of at least a hundred horses. After failing in 4 companies he created, he decided to seek for a new perspective and founded Ford, the first and still active car development agency. They were also one of the first companies to produce electric vehicles. These vehicles are more expensive at the moment you buy then, but the cost-benefit is worth it over time. Gas is a product that, every year and throughout the world, becomes more and more expensive.

As nations recovered from the ashes, immigration grew as never before and with it, some of the first companies founded in the country worked with moving and transportation to adapt themselves to this new crowd that had arrived. People were seeking different opportunities and they couldn’t do it where they were surrounded by all the losings only a great war can bring. That increased as well as business opportunities at the time.

After the 70s, people began to understand what global warmth meant. Due to damage to the ozone layer, scientists had to look for clean energy alternatives. Governments lower the taxes from companies that prove they are acting according to the ecological responsibility expected today. This is a difficult moment for humankind, so we gathered some of these new kinds of services provided by moving companies:


This photo-voltaic cell’s surface catches the sunlight and turns it into direct current that, disposed of in panels, can power homes, stores, hospitals, and several other facilities. They are being used in the most innovative houses as a replacement for regular public energy and also a much less expensive and non-harmful one.


Many moving companies are providing this new modality that you can customize your unit. But, as several clients seemed to always want to use the units as greenhouses, they also started to sell prefabricated ones, which increases local and organic food production. There are even greenhouses inside containers for growing different types of plants. It fits two purposes., obtain more gains in a period where everyone is having less demand and encourage local producers to fulfill their endeavors while promoting an ecological service.


Governments, in partnership with companies, are searching for new technologies that can provide renewable ways to get energy. Most countries direct a big part of their internal product investing in research. If you have an idea for an app that can make a difference for the environment, look for those entrepreneurs. Maybe it is your chance to also produce something that has true meaning for society. 

By Luiz Araujo

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