Canada, as a financial center and education model, is also home country for many worldly known Canadian artists; such as comedian Jim Carrey and Cobie Smulders, ‘Robin’ in hit sitcom How I met your Mother.

Jim Carrey is one of the world’s most famous actors. He’s been through a lot of stages in his career and is recognized by many due to his works both in comedy and drama movies. He won a Golden Globe for his work in “The Truman Show”, where he portrays a guy who discovers his life is being recorded for a reality-show since he was born. After that, he tries to break the system he was raised in, where all of his friends, his wife, his neighbors, and even everything he says is used for advertisement. His life is a product. That’s a concept that surrounded many movies after this one.

Jim Carrey comes from a family of street canadian artists and received a lot of compliments for the movie “Man on the moon”. In which he impersonates Andy Kaufman, the former also famous comedian from the U.S whose eccentricities exceed the limit of public understanding. The movie is from 99, but recently Netflix released a documentary that showed how Jim never left character and seemed to channel’s Kaufman spirit. Some of the crew were certain that he went crazy.

Other Artists

Another worldly known character is played by Cobie Smulders in How I met your mother. A Fox Sitcom that had nine seasons and more than two hundred episodes. Cobie played Robin, one of the five protagonists of the story. Actually, in a way, the story revolved around her. The group was born after she got to know Ted, Lilly, Barney, and Marshall.

New York roommates looking for opportunities in the big apple. After the show’s got to an end, Ted, the one telling the story to his kids, was only telling them because, after their mother’s passing, he was thinking about going after an old love: Robin, one of his best-friends, Barney, ex-wife. Her character was a journalist a previous star-child in Canada “Robin Sparkles”. Her number one hit? “Let’s go to the mall”, followed by “Sandcastles in the sand”. The success of this sitcom is like The Office and Friends. Cobie is also the agent Maria Hill, the role she plays in The Avengers franchise.

Canada the truly North

There are several other Canadian artists, such as Drake, Justin Bieber, Shania Twain, Ryan Gosling, Celine Dion, and the musician Bryan Adams. So many famous people have gotten the publics’ attention to get to know the country and some of its many curiosities. In extension, Canada is only smaller than Russia, and its temperatures are also much alike. They are the biggest Doughnuts consumers of the world. In some cities, people let the car doors, and houses open, because of the probability of a bears attack. Canada has 60% of Polar Bear’s world population.

A good place to live

It’s the country with more lakes in the world. They are literally thousands and held almost 1/5 of the world’s freshwater. The education and hospitality in excess of the citizens became a theme for a lot of humorous jokes. Although Canada has an excellent public health and education system, few people living there. Because of that, several companies are promoting campaigns and offering good opportunities to attract them. If you’re thinking about moving to Toronto, don’t forget to ask around for some of the best packers and transportation specialized moving companies.

By Luiz Araujo.                                                        


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