Polar bears are at risk of being extinguished, but Canada still has more than sixty percent of its population. Approximately sixteen thousand of the twenty-five thousand still alive in the world. They compete to be the symbol of Canada, alongside the Beaver.


When you look for curiosities about the polar bear, one of the biggest and most dangerous animals living alongside us, almost all the information you’ll find is provided by Canadian blogs and websites. The reason for that is the fact that polar bears seem to love the place. Probably because the climate makes the country a natural habitat for them. The cold weather is good for their skin, which can’t resist warmer temperatures. Which is a thing many local companies have to deal with.

They are born furless and with only 25cm, they are marine mammal and excellent swimmers, but at the same time the world’s biggest land predator and also the world’s biggest type of bear. They get to almost three meters long and eight hundred kilos when they get to adulthood. These bears can stay up to eight months without eating anything, even though they are completely carnivorous animals. They feed themselves mostly of seals and as their population is decreasing, they are getting closer to the towns, which increases the risks not only for people living there but for the bears themselves. There are a lot of hunters’ communities in Canada.

With all this percentage of animals, the population takes the responsibility of not extinguish them. Not only because the global warmth is an imminent threat, but also because of the fur industry, which is the main reason for the hunters to kill them when looking for the animal.


Another large animal population in Canada is the North American beavers. They couldn’t be smaller than the first ones also. A grown-up beaver has, in maximum, 70 to 90cm long and weights, when very heavy, up to 30 kilos. Such as Hockey and Doughnuts, beavers became a national symbol. Their big frontal teeth and flat tails are what make them recognized by anyone. Besides that, beavers are very intelligent and good constructors.

When the cold weathers arrive in the winter, they cover their paw-made wooden houses with a layer of mud, so they won’t feel the lower temperatures inside. Using their teeth they build dams that protect Canadian cities to river flowing waters. They are normally found in lakes because this ambient is safer for them. To be even more different than the polar bears, they are vegetarian and feed themselves mostly from the vegetation itself, from tree leaves and fruits. Thanks to the importance that the Canadian people give to the fur industry, the beaver has become a strong symbol for the country. Because of these trades, they are a national emblem since 75. An industry that, in the case of the bears, they are fighting to stop.

The two types of animals were only closer to each other’s when the Ice Age Beaver still existed. Analyzing these facts, which is the real Canadian symbol? The ones they protect or the ones they are selling the fur?

Churchill, in Manitoba, is the capital of the polar bear’s world population and a fine city. So, if you want to move up there, it is good to contact one specialized moving company, that will avoid risks transporting your belongs.

By Luiz Araujo


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