06 attractions you should know in Toronto

Toronto is full of sights! This vibrant and lively city has great attractions that will make you fall in love with it! Aquariums, towers, tree climbing, theaters, gastronomy, sports… Toronto’s tourist attractions are diverse and very well explored. Get to know just a few of them that we list here for you to know the best things to do in this charming city.

1: Ripley Aquarium

Opened in 2013, the Ripley’s Aquarium is the ideal tour for family travelers. It has more than 16 thousand marine animals of 450 species. The aquarium’s main attraction is the Perigosa Lagoon, which takes visitors through a transparent tunnel through a rolling sidewalk. The tank, with 5.7 million liters of water, houses several species of shark, such as the gray shark, sand shark and reef sharks, and sea turtles, barracudas, swordfish, and groupers.

2: CN Tower

You can not stop walking on the famous glass floor and have a panoramic and unique view of the city after using the fantastic elevator that takes you to the top of this immense tower over 351 meters high, the CN Tower. Then, a challenge: walk around the tower on a circular walkway with your hands-free and hanging by special ropes, it is chilling! There are many tourist attractions in Toronto, but this one is the most famous.

3: Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is a cool ride, especially for families with children. Located in the eastern part of Toronto (far from downtown), the attraction requires a good part of your day, or perhaps the whole day, to get to know you very well. There are more than 700 acres that are home to approximately 5,000 animals representing more than 500 species. It is the largest in Canada and receives 1.3 million visitors every year.

Toronto Zoo main attractions

At the Toronto Zoo, you will meet two charming and charming pandas, called Er Shun and Da Mao. The thermometer of cuteness goes to the heights close to them, either observing them with their games or when they are resting or when they are eating several kilograms of bamboo. The zoo is also home to one of the largest indoor giraffe houses in Canada, where the Masai giraffe Twiga and her cub Mstari are living. There is also a friendly family of gorillas, consisting of Charles, Ngozi, Nassir, and Nneka, who get along very well. The Tundra Walk has an award-winning polar bear habitat, and several cute ones, such as snow geese, reindeer, snow owl, arctic fox, and wolves. But all animals are highlights, each with its charming and innocent way of being.

Opening Hours & Location

Hours vary and may change without notice. It is usually from 9 am to 6 pm, but some days close to 4:30 pm. The ideal is to check the times on the website or call to find out about the day

that you are visiting. TORONTO ZOO – 2000 Meadowvale Road, Toronto, Ontario

4: Canada’s Wonderland

Located 50 kilometers north of downtown Toronto, Canada’s Wonderland is a theme park that is popular with locals and travelers alike. Space, built-in 1981, is considered the largest park in Canada and has several toys, activities, and even lodging. Q

Canada’s Wonderland attractions

So then, Canada’s Wonderland has many attractions for people of all ages. The toys range from the quieter ones, like the traditional merry-go-round, to more restless ones, as a result roller coasters. Wonderland is the second-largest roller coaster park in the world: in all, there are 17 in the park, each with a different size and intensity than the other.

Main attractions:

To begin with, Leviathan: one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters on the planet

Snoopy Planet


Splash Works

Finally, how to get to Canada’s Wonderland?

Therefore, anyone who is buying tickets to Toronto and wants to include a fun tour can put Canada’s Wonderland in their itinerary. However, to get there, you can go by car – taking the Highway north of Toronto – or by the GO Transit bus, which goes straight there and leaves the York Mills and Yorkdale terminals.

5: Treetop Trekking

This Toronto tourist attraction can be translated into tree climbing. So, there are several adventure trails located in the Brampton preservation reserve. The bridges, ropes, and zip lines add up to 65 aerial adventures with varying degrees of emotion, but everything is super safe. One of the tallest is over 300 meters high.

6: Ontario Science Center

The Ontario Science Center is one of the most popular attractions in the city, having received over 50 million visitors since its creation in 1969. Once you enter, you will understand why. Furthermore, with over 500 interactive exhibits, a nature reserve in the Don River Valley Ravine, and 150 years of original Canadian inventions that have transformed the world, excitement is guaranteed by exploring every corner of the environment.

Thus, as you have seen, Toronto sights are the most diverse. What’s up? Excited to move to Toronto?

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